Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life & Style: goals for this week

Last week, I started a new series about goals and shared my goals for key areas of my life: ministry, home management, business and personal (I've opted to have my marriage goals remain private). After Jason saw the success I was having with my goals list, he created a goals list for himself as well. We have both seen an improvement in our productivity at home! It's become a challenge with ourselves to complete everything on the list. 

Here are this week's goals:

-Work out two times (I borrowed 30-Day Shred from the library so I'll (gulp!) be using that this week)
-Stay on reading schedule (this may prove difficult with a crazy work month...)
-Drink 36 oz. of water each day
-Drink 4 oz. of milk each day (if you knew how much I despise the taste of milk, you would know how hard it's going to be to force myself to drink this)

Home Management
-Declutter every day
-Paint wall where I accidentally gouged it with the chair
-Organize cosmetics

-Complete 2 pages for blog
-Make angel holiday pail for a Christmas gift
-Begin typing up labels on computer for Christmas gifts

-Send expired/unwanted coupons to Coupon2Give at PO Box 41085, Mesa, AZ 85274-1085
-Take all stamps from envelopes on work desk; gather up all stamps in our stamp bag

Share with us: What are your goals this week?

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