Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In My Mailbox

There's a reason why going to the mailbox is one of my favorite things ever! Here's the loot I got over the past week:

Ahem, Preston obviously did not come in my mailbox, but he sure enjoyed the box that the yogurt maker I ordered for free from amazon.com came in. Other bloggers can attest to the fact that I once shirked the idea of homemade yogurt - I didn't see how making homemade yogurt would save a significant amount of money over the course of one year's time considering that fruit would need to be added (or maybe it's just that Jason wouldn't eat yogurt without fruit). However, I've since changed my tune (check out Jason's post tomorrow on Homemade Yogurt to learn more), and I ordered this using gift cards from SwagBucks.

Some charity sent me the free tote bag (and asked for a donation, but we prefer to send all of our money allotted for charity to Compassion International for our kids, Jhonny and Juan). Nevertheless, this makes a good tote for library books to return and pick up.

I received another free issue of Martha Stewart Living and Thriving Family. You can read about how I signed up for these magazines here and here. You can still sign up for the Thriving Family magazine here, and you can sign up for a free Martha Stewart Living magazine subscription here.

A week ago, I received my coupons good for 2 free bottles of shampoo, and my third voucher for a free bottle of shampoo arrived last week! We redeemed this at Walmart for a bottle of Aussie shampoo. I am really enjoying all my fancy shampoo!

We took the pic of our free items gathered so far last Friday because wanted to make yogurt that night. But right after I took that picture (and then proceeded to bust open the yogurt maker), we got a free box of Atkins bars, complete with calorie-counter booklet, recipe book and coupons. You can sign up for this free kit here. I would highly, highly recommend doing so. I have no clue what the Atkins diet is (and don't care - the diet I follow is called "eat right!" (ahem, this is not a real "diet", it is just what I do)), but those bars were really good. They're all residing my belly now, and I wouldn't spend money on them because we make our own treats, but really, these were good.

Share with us: What awesome freebies arrived in your mailbox recently? We'd love to know!

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