Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homemade: Yogurt (and how to get the yogurt maker!)

This post is actually going to be a little different. The recipe to make the yogurt shown below comes with the yogurt maker that you need to pick up. "How do I get a yogurt maker?" or "How much is a yogurt maker going to cost me?" you might ask. Well, I am here to tell you that you can have one delivered to your door for free. It only takes a few minutes a day on the internet!


  • Computer with internet connection
  • 1(ish) minute each day
  • Mailing address

  • Go to Swagbucks and sign up.
  • Every day, go onto the site and get your free Swagbucks doing the following things
    • Download the toolbar for your web browser (1 Swagbuck per day)
    • Click on the Trusted Survey link under the earn drop down menu (1 Swagbuck per day)
      • Depending on how much time you want to spend, you can actually take the surveys (25-150 Swagbucks per survey)
    • Click on the NOSO link under the EARN drop down menu and click 'skip' for every offer that comes up (2 Swagbucks per day)
    • Click on the Daily Poll link under the EARN drop down menu and take the survey (1 Swagbuck per day)
    • Use the Swagbucks toolbar search engine (7 to 10 swagbucks 2 to 4 times per day)
      • You can use this to get to sites you already know the names of. My usual entries are "hotmail" and "facebook" or other random things I am researching.
  • Every time you get 450 points, you can redeem them for a $5 gift card.
    • Make sure you don't redeem them for the gift card (unless you live in Canada)
  • When you have $30 in gift cards, you can purchase the yogurt maker. Since it comes with Super Saving Shipping, you will not even need to cover the shipping costs.
  • In a couple of days, your yogurt make will arrive!
  • Wait to open it until your wife takes a picture of it for her In My Mailbox blog post.
  • Make yummy yogurt with your new yogurt maker.
At 20 points per day (you have to try to get less than that), it will take 135 days total from sign up to ordering of the final gift card. Jess and I together (though it is more her than me) can earn the 450 points needed to earn a gift card in a little over a week.

Let's see what delishiousness your new yogurt maker will provide you with.

This is what it looks like right after you turn it on.

This is a finished homemade strawberry yogurt cup.
(Homemade yogurt is just as good as the store stuff)

Jess was against the idea of homemade yogurt because she mistakenly believed the cost savings would be minimal, and the time needed to make yogurt, at least for us newbies, was extensive. However, by using dry milk, the cost of one yogurt cup costs about 18 cents. The cheapest yogurt cups we've ever seen to date were 35 cents (Aldi). This yogurt is way better for you, and over the course of one year, we'll save about $60.

-Chef Jason

2 comments: said...

Have you made 'greek' yogurt yet? Also very good. You probably don't remember, but I had a yogurt maker like this when you were little. I had trouble with the little cups and stopped using it - the one I have now make the batch all in one container and I have better luck with it...

Jess and Jason said...

We have not made 'greek' yogurt yet. I do not remember that we had a yogurt maker, but that is cool that we did. Our little cups seem to be working just fine. We will let you know if we develope any problems and what different varieties that we make.