Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello, Fall!

It may not officially be fall, but here at A New Leaf, we are welcoming fall into our hearts today. We're super excited to debut our blog's fall look, new changes, and new schedule! Please take a look at the top of your screen - the pages you see, such as Yummers Recipes!, New Leaf Creations, etc., will help you navigate this site in an easier fashion. These pages allow quick access to your favorite bits of this blog. If you have a page suggestion, we'd love to hear from you!

The fall change is still ongoing, so you may notice tweaks here and there as we switch over everything to the fall theme.

We hope our blog is serving your life well, and new series and series changes are designed simply to give you what you're looking for here (and of course, we have to have the know-how to bring that information to you - so if you're looking for, let's say, cleaving information, you're not going to find it here!).

What's for Eats This Week: A menu has never looked so good! Read what we're going to eat each week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Many of the items are linked to where the original recipe resides on the web so you can cook up the meals for you and your family.
Life & Style: goals for this week: Each week, I'll share goals in the top areas of my life, such as ministry, business, and personal. This helps keep me accountable and, I hope, will inspire all of you to reach for your dreams and achieve all you desire!

In the Kitchen with Jason: Jason takes you on a culinary adventure complete with pictures and easy-to-follow instructions.
In My Mailbox: What freebies have we received over this past week? We'll link to any freebie giveaway that is still open so you can receive some of these by mail! We'll share details of how we received each one, so you can learn of ways to receive lots of free goodies by mail.

The Gaming Corner: Jason introduces you to some games you have never heard of (Blokus, anyone?) and games that are permanent residents on your game shelf!

Homemade: Jason shares staple recipe items (like garlic bread) and home solutions (like all-purpose cleaner or laundry soap) so that you can all learn how to stop being dependent on companies to provide you with products that you can make yourselves! And I'll be continuing Homemade Beauty posts for you to learn how to make beauty items (like shaving cream) to cut your grocery bills even further and feel good about what you're using on your body.

In the Kitchen with Jason: That's right - twice a week (I said twice a week!), Jason will be bringing you delectable recipes for you and your family to enjoy. This is one of our most popular series, and really, is anyone surprised? Chef Jason adores sharing food with you all, and he is thrilled to share recipes two times a week!

Crafty Christmas: A New Leaf's Christmas countdown has begun! I'll be sharing my favorite items to craft for Christmas presents, such as twig star ornaments, how to package your gifts in a homemade, unique manner, such as magazine bows, and some of my favorite recipes, such as Nana's sugar cookies. 

Life & Style: This series will delve into tips for all areas of life - decorating for less, frugal vacation ideas, time management, etc.

This Book Room: I share my latest reads and recommend which books are deserving of a look.

Saving the Moola: I will cover anything and everything that I know about saving money to help you and your family prosper. Right now, we're covering how to budget effectively and sharing our budget with you all in "Living Below Your Means but Within Your Needs." New mini series for Saving the Moola will emerge as the year continues. Join us in this transparent and enlightening look at our financial lives.

To the new visitors, welcome! We're excited you're here and hope you stick around to see what crazy antics we get ourselves into. To our dear friends who've been with us since the beginning, we are so grateful for your love and support. We hope this blog is a daily reading enjoyment for everyone. As always, we'd love to hear from you. If you have any suggestion, comments, questions or concerns, please leave us a comment!

Peace and love,
Jess and Jason

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