Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gaming Corner: Scrabble Slam!

A few weeks ago, Jess and I were in Target, and we stopped by the card games section and picked up Scrabble Slam! This game is crazy fun, and Jess and I have been playing it multiple times a day since we got it. It is also very simple to set up and play.

The entire game consists of only 55 cards. 52 of the cards have a letter on its front and a different letter on its back, and the other 3 cards are blank and play exactly like the blank tiles in Scrabble because they are wild. Each letter card has both letters from the front and the back printed in a corner so you will be able to know what letters you can play without having to flip your cards around.

Example of a wild card and the front and back of the same letter card.

To start a game, you lay out 4 cards to make a 4-letter word. You then divide the remaining cards between the players. Once play starts, you can play any of your cards on top of the other cards as long as the 4 letters on the top of the piles continue to make words. For example, if the top cards spelled  CART, someone could play a T card on the C to make TART. Someone could then play a P on the second T for a TARP. (See below for pictures of play in progress.) Play isn't done in turns - whomever lays down a card fastest goes first. This is also a great learn-how-to-spell game, and I usually lose, but the game is so fun, I don't care. The winner is the first person to play all of their cards, or if none of the players have any plays left, the person with the least number of cards wins.

Example of a mid game word following plays
E makes LORE
M makes MORE

-Game Master Jason

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