Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Book Room

I've been focusing on reading books the past couple of weeks that have been on my to-read list for years, and this past week, I started Denise Hunter's New Heights series. The series was written in the early to mid 2000s, and it has since finished (3-book series). The first book, Mending Places, was really. really. really. good. There were twists and turns I didn't predict, and I am anxious to read the next books to see what else Ms. Denise has up her sleeve! While I thoroughly enjoy Denise's other books, this book was, by far, my favorite so far. If she's on your to-read list, I would start with this book.

I cannot complain about finding good Christian authors anymore. Partly, this is due to Ms. Christy at Southern Sassy Things - her blog has introduced me to a whole slew of Christian authors. And Susan May Warren is one of them. I started reading her Deep Haven series this week with the first book, Happily Ever After. There are three other books in the series (this series is still being continued), and I'm looking forward to reading the other three. I found this book to be subtly strong (if that makes sense!) in its Christian references, which makes it a great read for anyone.

A year or so ago, I read Clea Simon's first Dulcie Schwartz book, Shades of Grey. I liked it, but I wasn't excited about reading the second book. However, it's nearly impossible for me to not read a series once I've started, so when the second book became available through an interlibrary loan, I ordered it. And I am so glad I did. The second book was far better in plot and character than the first, though I felt the ending fell flat. Also, there was a lot of building up with the storyline about Dulcie and her boyfriend, and it did not end the way I expected (and I felt the building up, for what it actually built up to, was too much). Still, I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series, which is coming out later this year.

I saw Sarah Strohmeyer's The Penny Pinchers Club at Barnes and Noble and thought it looked like a good read. Sometimes I'm wrong about these things, but while the story was slow in the beginning, it picked up quickly about a third of the way through. I also learned a new way of "pinching pennies" so to speak, which makes any book worth my time. Sarah also has cute books for tweens with titles like the Cinderella Pact and the Sleeping Beauty Proposal. She has an adult fiction book, Kindred Spirits, coming out later this year - this book sounds really, really good.


Rose said...

You read all those books this week? What are they about?

Jess and Jason said...

The first two are Christian fiction, the third is a mystery, and the fourth is just fiction. All are basically chick lit. I typically don't like to write too much about what the books are about (so as not to give too much away!). The first two are basically boy meets girl, conflict ensues, yadda yadda yadda. The third book is about a college student who sees/hears her dead cat who comforts her in times of stress - and stress, she has as she also keeps finding herself "involved", so to speak, with finding dead people. And the fourth is just plain chick lit but based on the Rocky River Penny Pinchers Club. The main character and her husband are having issues, and the main character wants to save money in case the marriage goes wrong. But since she has never saved money, the club helps her learn how to give up spending.

And yes, I read them all in one week. I take books with me wherever I go and squeeze in as much time as I can!!! :) Reading is my favorite hobby.