Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saving the Moola: Practicalities of Couponing and Giving, Part 2

Couponing and giving are part of our every day lives, and as such, I just couldn't fit everything into one post! And it appears it won't all fit here in Part 2 here, either. If you'd like, check out Part 1 here.

My wonderful sister, Christine, expressed interest that I share some of the websites I utilize for coupons. We're all busy, right? We have kids, pets, family, careers, hobbies - who the heck has time to really even search for coupons?

I don't really. The coupons, more or less, come to me. Let me explain:

Whatever coupon sites I have found, either by way of searching online or by a recommendation, I "like" on Facebook. Since I spend so much time on Facebook, and most of us (me excluded!), have phones that access the web easily (smartphones, iPhones, etc.), Facebook is ubiquitous. We can access it in a flash. So I "like" my coupon websites on Facebook, and whenever a great coupon is out, they post the link to the coupon. Genius!

Here's the coupon websites I "like" on Facebook and use for almost all of my coupons: - Crystal posts coupons, store deals, and useful posts on how to save money, DIY projects, etc. She also always alerts us to freebies, which are even better than coupons - items you can sign up to receive FREE in the mail. You can check out what great freebies I've received in the mail here and here. (And check out this Tuesday's In My Mailbox - I have a lot of great stuff to share!!) You can "like" here. - Stephanie mostly posts about store deals with the occasional coupon. This is where I usually find out about Kroger deals, drugstore deals, and Target deals. You can "like" here.

CouponPro - Lots and lots and lots of coupons. This is mainly the goal for this website. Also, CouponPro always alerts us Swaggers to when there is a code. These codes technically are coupons - get enough points from codes, Daily Polls, etc. and in no time, you can choose to receive a $5 amazon gift card. Get 5 or 6 and you can make a purchase from FREE! Check out what I've ordered from for free here. And you can "like" CouponPro here.  

Spend Less, Shop More - I love this blog. The author posts deals in an easy-to-read fashion and posts ads that others might not ahead of time (such as office supply store ads for back to school). You can "like" this blog on Facebook here (also called "San Antonio Budget Grocery Examiner").

These sites will usually alert me to when new coupons have been released, but I usually check these out myself anyway once or twice a week.

Here are some other great ways to get deals:

MPerks - This is available at I've heard there are great coupons you can get from this, but unfortunately, MetroPCS doesn't support this service as of yet so I don't know what coupons you'll get. Still, worth a try and free to sign up. 

Kroger coupons online - You can load the coupons right onto your card, so when you check out and scan your card, the coupons are automatically used if you bought the items the coupons were for. I've done this before - works great! - This site is new as of this year, and I've used it once so far since discovering it this week. You enter your store loyalty card numbers, like your Kroger card number, and "coupons" are loaded onto the card. Once you purchase the item at the store and scan your card, you "earn" whatever the coupon value was (your price at checkout does not decrease - it will stay the same). When you've "earned" $5, you can choose to receive a $5 gift card. Within the past week, I have earned $1.

By utilizing all of these websites through Facebook, you'll save time and money. Until the next Practicalities post, happy couponing!

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