Friday, July 8, 2011

My Friday Finds: Today's Target shopping trip

There have been awesome coupons on recently! Jason and I went online today to print out coupons we thought we might be able to use. Here's what we bought with our coupons:

Cascadian Farms Organic cereal is not the cheapest cereal - in fact, it's quite expensive. Jason and I really, really love this cereal brand, though, so we purchased a box of this cereal. The regular price was $2.99, and our price dropped to $2.24 after coupons.

Skinny Cow treats also are quite expensive, but these are tasty and guilt free! We usually buy the ice cream sandwiches in bulk at Sam's, but we've been out of them for awhile. When I heard Skinny Cow started a candy line in May, I was dying to try the candy, plus Jason had spotted mint ice cream sandwiches and wanted to try those. Unfortunately, Target didn't have mint ice cream sandwiches, so we bought truffle bars and candy. The prices were originally $4.24 and $3.99, but after coupons, our prices dropped to $3.47 and $3.26 (and we tried the truffle bars as soon as we got home, and they are tasty! and after I took the pic, we couldn't resist trying the candies - also tasty!!!)

We needed a carrot peeler but didn't have a coupon for that item. Oh well - at least tomorrow we can buy carrots at the farmers' market!

We had a coupon for Market Pantry pasta sauce and Market Pantry spaghetti. The prices for these items before coupons are not impressive, but after coupons, we paid just $0.79 for the pasta sauce and $0.64 for the pasta - these are the cheapest prices we've seen so far (well, we've got free pasta before, but never this cheap for sauce!).

And last, but certainly not least, was our best find today - we had a coupon for $1 off any Papermate writing utensil and found a pack of 10 pens for $1.02 regularly. After the coupon, we paid just $0.02!

Our total was $13.41 before tax, and our savings was $4.25. We saved about 25 percent in total!

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