Friday, July 15, 2011

My Friday Finds: Office Supplies Edition

I haven't had a real need for back-to-school sales for almost three FOUR! years, but there is something about office supply stores that I just love. July and August are perfect times to stock up on all things office supplies. Out of the three major stores (Office Max, Staples, Office Depot), I have, in the past, only visited Office Max. I don't know why, but I just liked that store best.

Staples, in addition to being a client of mine at work (which makes me more inclined to shop there!), had awesome deals this week! We visited Target and Staples on Sunday, and this is what we bought combined:

Our total was... (drum roll please!).... $5.38.

Here's the price breakdown:
2 packs of Papermate pens - $0.02
1 pack of Sharpies - FREE
2 packs of stickies labels - $0.50
2 packs of mechanical pencils - $0.50
2 packs of Bic pens - $0.02
2 packs of cap erasers - $0.02
2 packages of glue - $0.02
2 memo books - $2
1 memo cube - $2

We've added the Papermate pens, one package of Bic pens, the Sharpies, both packages of cap erasers, and one glue to our charity stockpile.

I'm not sure if we'll go out again shopping for office supplies - we have just about everything we'll need for one year. Although, as for as tape goes, we will keep searching for it. We have a ton of $1 off one roll of Scotch Magic tape and they have been on sale for $1 at Target (will be on sale for 50 cents next week, and this will also be on sale for $1 at Office Max next week). We checked Target in Fenton twice and both Targets in the Ypsi/AA area, and none of them had any tape. The bins for it were empty. So we'll keep checking whenever we find ourselves in or near a Target store.

Share with us: What awesome deals have you found this week?

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