Monday, June 13, 2011

Saving the Moola:'s Subscribe and Save program

It can be difficult to find ways to save extra money when you don't buy from Starbucks, you borrow books, CDs, movies and magazines from the library, and you make most of your meals from scratch. So imagine my surprise when a few months ago, I learned of's Subscribe and Save program. I have never been one to want to order my groceries online - I think I generally prefer to shop in the stores, although since Jason has taken over this aspect of our home life, I don't really have a preference either way!

We eat canned soup a lot, and we also make homemade soup a lot. We're pretty soup crazy! Canned soup is super conveinent for "fend for yourself" dinners when one of us will be out at dinnertime, but the other will be home and doesn't want to cook for one (or create leftovers). They're also really handy for lunchtime when we're both working from home and neither of us wants to get up to make a sandwich.

I typically eat Amy's Organic Vegetable Barley soup - also typically only found at Whole Foods for $2.99 a can, which is pretty expensive for soup. Through Subscribe and Save, I pay about $1.77 per can. I eat, on average, 3 cans of soup per week which is a savings of $190 per year. Yowza!

Jason will eat almost any kind of soup, so we try not to pay more than about $1 per can of soup for him. He (and I!) both enjoy Healthy Choice's Chicken & Dumplings and Health Choice's beef Pot roast. we spent a little more than $1 per can through, but we didn't have to watch for sales which we appreciate.

Here's our pantry. Some of the soup is on the floor, still in the case (other soup cans are on the shelves, but difficult to see in this pic):

The pantry actually doesn't look too full, but I promise - we have a ton of food in this house. Most of our bulk food is purchased from Sam's, like the huge animal cracker jug on the floor and the toilet paper up top. I've been checking for other grocery items we regularly purchase and use, but so far, I haven't found better prices than what I pay at other stores. Also, store brands are always cheaper than name brands, and we buy a lot of our grocery items in store brands or no-name brands.

Also, if you're not a fan of or you don't want to to Subscribe and Save, but you buy and use the same item regularly, check your local grocery store to see if you can get a case discount. Whole Foods offers a 10% discount on the case if you purchase a case, and you can purchase a 12-pack case of soup this way, for example. I imagine this would also work on macaroni and cheese, noodles, or any other boxed food.

Share with us: Have you ever ordered from using the Subscribe and Save program? What item did you save money on this way?

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