Friday, June 3, 2011

My Friday Finds

A couple weeks ago, I really discovered Aunt Millie's Thrift Stores, also knows as Aunt Millie's outlet stores. Here's the scoop:

Each location may stock different items. Each location never really knows what exactly they're going to have, but every time I've went (twice now), they have exactly what I'm looking for. I have been to two locations: Davison and Ypsilanti. Check the location hours as they are sometimes restrictive - not open on weekends or only open until 5. Davison has great hours and has specials on Sunday.

Locations have bread, bagels, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, pita bread, tortillas, cookies, crackers, popcorn, etc. etc. etc. Also, the items are not restrictive to just Aunt Millie's. They also have Meijer and other brands, and if you only buy/eat organic, they do stock Meijer Organic bread.

This is what we bought this week:

We usually go every other week and stock up on what we need. Every time we go, we buy two packages of bagels. Jason likes to eat these for breakfast or a snack. Each bagel package is $1.09 and depending on what kind you like, you get either 5 or 6 bagels. The multi-seed onion and garlic (pictured to the right) have 5 to a package but the everything bagels (pictured to the left) have 6.

We also like Aunt Millie's potato rolls. These are $0.79 for 12 rolls.

Other items we purchase:
Hamburger buns (8) - $0.89
Hot dog buns (8) - $0.89
Aunt Millie's Fit for Life bread - $0.79

The prices are insane. The best you will find these items (excluding coupons - and Aunt Millie's website does regularly have coupons) is 4 for $5.

The only catch, if you can call it that, is that the items are usually a few days away from expiration. Since we bought our bread on sales anyway, we have always froze these items. We're a family of 2 and we never use 8 hot dog buns in 1 week (the typical expiration from when purchased).

We don't have a deep freezer, just a little tiny one and this only shows a portion (a little less than half) of our freezer:

We have 2 loaves of bread, bagels, hot dog buns and hamburger buns in our freezer.

Aunt Millie's has saved us tons of money on our food bill. Check their website for a location near you.

Share with us: Have you ever tried Aunt Millie's? What's your favorite Aunt Millie's item?

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