Friday, June 17, 2011

My Friday Finds: Sara Lee Bakery Outlet!

Two weeks ago, I praised Aunt Millie's Thrift Stores in My Friday Finds. And while I still love Aunt Millie's for rolls and bagels, I have found a better place to get our other bread items!

While out gallivanting two weeks ago and visiting garage sales (tune in this Monday for Saving the Moola: Garage Sale Edition Part 2, and if you missed it, here's Saving the Moola: Garage Sale Edition Part 1), we stumbled upon a Sara Lee Bakery Outlet. The angels were singing when we walked in, I tell you! The prices are beyond amazing, and I am incredibly impressed with the variety of items.

This is what we bought (um, minus the adorable kitten... Preston just wanted to say hello to you all!):

Our total = $3.40

Yes, dear readers, $3 and change for FIVE items! LOVE!

I did not see any rolls, and the bagel packages were $1.50 (for six bagels). So for bagels and rolls, we are going to continue to patronize Aunt Millie's and happily so.

However, Sara Lee has benefits for us that Aunt Millie's just doesn't offer:
  • Convenient location - the Sara Lee Bakery Outlet we found is just a mile from the Meijer we regularly visit in Grand Blanc on Hill Road (exit 90).
  • Convenient hours - the Sara Lee Bakery Outlet is open on Saturdays until 6.
  • Variety of items - Canned fruit - HELLO! The price is the best we have found to date. They also had (please keep in mind that most of this is cheaper to make on your own, but if you're a spendthrift, you should consider shopping here instead of paying too much $$ somewhere else): a wide variety of baked goods, gravy mixes, crackers, noodles, and MUCH much more.
  • The prices - Hello, the prices! I cannot stress this enough. A loaf of bread = 60 cents (a loaf of bread is 79 cents at Aunt Millie's). Sixty. Cents. Hello, I am a loaf of bread for 60 cents. Hot dog and hamburger buns = available in packs of 8 for 70 cents (buns are 89 cents for 8 at Aunt Millie's).
  • The bread we purchased is the same caloric content as the Aunt Millie's kind (2 slices for a total of 70 calories - I have never found bread with less calories than this). However, we bought the only two loaves in the store, so I'm not sure if I will be able to easily find this in the future. But if not, I can also rely on Aunt Millie's who regularly stocks bread with the same caloric content.
I think the most important take-away from this is that no matter how much Jason and I know at this moment about saving money, there are always, always tips and tricks out there that we don't yet know. Here I was, two weeks ago, so geeked I could share with you all about Aunt Millie's (and I'm still geeked about this, don't get me wrong), but the next day, I find a place that sells loaves of bread and buns for far cheaper. This just serves to remind me that even though I've come a long way, I still have room to grow - and I think I always will!

Share with us: Have you visited an Aunt Millie's or Sara Lee? What did you like about the stores? What didn't you like?


Amber said...

"Hello, I am a loaf of bread for 60 cents." Ha! You crack me up. I'm enjoying reading your blog.

Jess and Jason said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying! And that I'm entertaining you :)