Friday, June 10, 2011

My Friday Finds: Bath and Body Works' Semi-Annual Sale with Coupons!

The Bath and Body Works' semi-annual sale (SAS), also known as Hello, Yellow!, began today in many stores throughout the US.* Straight after work today, Jason and I headed out to get our haul!

Here's what we bought:

We bought 16 items and spent a total of $32 before tax. We had two transactions so we could use a $10 off $40 coupon (printable online) and a free travel-sized item off any purchase (also printable online) coupon. The only items we cared about getting are the starters and the Wallflower refills. We bought 4 starters. The ones that came with a starter scent were $5, and the pretty flower starters were only $2. We would have bought 4 of those and saved $1 on them and the first scent, but we didn't want crazy colors in the guest bathroom or the dining room. We chose the white standard Wallflower for those rooms.

We bought dual packs of one scent I loved, and those were $5. But the single Wallflower scents were only $2!!! This is a very good sale and one that is not advertised online, from what I could see when I perused the site earlier.

I chose a Twilight Woods body lotion as my free travel-sized item. I keep mini lotions in a basket our Nana made for us in the guest bathroom. This is normally $5, but I'd have to say that anyone who would pay $5 for a generic BBW lotion this small is crazy.

We really wanted to start using Wallflowers in our home because these are way cheaper than the cheapest candles I have found (and bought and loved and will still buy for our living room). The Wallflower scents last for about a month so we have quite a few months' worth for all the rooms.

I've heard rumors the sale ends on July 3, so there should be plenty of time for to still hit up the sale! New stock is brought out daily/weekly in most stores, and if you're lucky (and we were today!), you can get a feedback coupon with your receipt. You call a number, give your feedback and get a code for $10 off a $30 purchase. So if we wanted, we could go back before July 3 and get more items from the SAS and use our coupon!

Share with us: Do you love Bath and Body Works? What item did you get or are hoping to get at this June's SAS?

*Please call your store to make sure they are a. participating in this sale and b. that it began today. In some parts of the country, the sale does not begin until June 20.

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