Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In My Mailbox: free magazines!

Through SwagBucks, I signed up for 8 free issues of PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly. I scored 720 SwagBucks (equivalent to about $6.50 in gift cards to amazon.com). After receiving my first issues of both and receiving the SwagBucks for the offer, I called and canceled. I may receive one or two more issues. I think free issues of magazines is great - so long as you remember to call and cancel. Jason and I both are extremely diligent about this and have never had issues with risk-free offers like this. Just call, get the employee's name, employee number and confirmation number. Also, with most offers like this, you can cancel online.

I read both magazines, and I just have to say that Entertainment Weekly was not entertaining. I would never buy this magazine. And while PEOPLE can be entertaining, I find it so much easier (and cheaper) to visit people.com or usmagazine.com to catch up on the daily tabloid fodder. Or I can watch E! News if I so desire, but the only time I watch that is when I'm at the gym.

Through RecycleBank, I earned enough points for a Whole Living magazine subscription for a year. I was so excited! The magazine was a bit of a let down, but I thoroughly enjoyed the coupon for organic sugar. The coupon is good for 55 cents off Florida Crystals Sugar, which is the brand of organic sugar we typically buy (also, through the price book, we discovered this is also the cheapest organic sugar, even cheaper than Meijer brand organic sugar). So while I would also not buy this magazine with real money, I may redeem points each year to keep this subscription going. We'll see how the other issues pan out.

Share with us: What's in your mailbox this week?

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