Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Book Room: Charlaine Harris, Plain Wisdom, Twilight, Texas series

From Jess:
I cherish Christian books - self-helps books, fiction books, non-fiction books. If it's by a Christian author, it's likely on my list of books to read or I've read it. It can be really hard to find books that do not have an Amish plot/setting, and I used to scoff at those books. Lately, I've embraced Amish Christian fiction for this reason: I feel peaceful. Amish Christian books give me a sense of peace. Not all is lost in the world. Somewhere, someone is living a simple life, just wanting to live a life of forgiveness, hope and peace. My heart resonates with that, so I've stopped fighting the Amish Christian genre.

This week, I read Plain Wisdom, which is written by a popular Amish Christian author, Cindy Woodsmall, and her Amish friend. This was a quick read with recipes littered throughout (I copied one for an overnight French toast blueberry casserole that sounded delish). It was nice to read a non-fiction book about the Amish and to see that Amish Christian authors really hit it on the head with their books. It was also enlightening to see that an Amish-living person can truly be friends with non-Amish-living people.

I also started the Twilight, Texas series by Lori Wilde. A word of caution: these books are somewhat smutty. This really caught me off guard as I typically do not read "smut" books, but I liked the idea of each book having a different sort of "club" centered on a craft, such as knitting, quilting, cookies or gardening. These books are also quick reads and good summertime reads, I think. But like I said, just beware of the smuttiness. If this would offend you or just does not interest you, I would skip the books, even though the crafting elements of the plots are enjoyable.

From Jason:
I have been reading the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. For those of you who don't know, this is the book series that the HBO TV series True Blood is based on. I am currently reading the fifth book, Dead as a Doornail. I find them entertaining and would recommend them to anyone who likes supernatural (vampires, werewolves, witches and so on) fiction.

I have also been reading Insomnia by Stephen King. I probably started this 800 page book about two years ago. But it seems that the book had the opposite effect of its title on me and I would be sleeping instead of reading 15 minutes after I sat down with it. With that being said, once I got about halfway into it, it had the exact opposite effect on me and I finished it in about a week. As for a recommendation, if you like Stephen King books, you will like this one, but if you don't like Stephen King books, stay away as it is more of the same. For those of you who haven't read any by Stephen King I would recomend starting with something shorter.

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