Friday, May 27, 2011

My Friday Finds

As Jason and I build up our coupon reservoire, there are a few weeks where we may not get any free items - and this week happened to be one of them! However, I wanted to share some of my best finds anyway, even though these are not tangible items.

The best websites I have found for finding deals are and When I first started using, I really didn't get the purpose of the website. If you thought this before, please, please try the website again.

My favorite feature of the website is to preview upcoming deals for nation-wide stores, like Walgreen's, CVS or Target (my top 3 stores for finding free items my family normally uses). Some of the free items will have coupons that are in-ad or printable, which makes the free items very accessible. Other times, the free items are free after a coupon from a coupon ad, such as RedPlum or SmartSource. Check the coupon websites weekly to print off coupons you would use if the item was free (or very low - this is a personal preference).

I do not typically buy name-brand items, but I look at each coupon and think, if this item were free, would I get it? Surprisingly, this doesn't mean I print every coupon. I wouldn't eat certain things, even if the item were free, because of the ingredients or calorie counts (although Jason might...).

However, I would urge everyone to also think if they could use this item for charity and donate it to a church, food bank, or other organization who could put the items to good use, and with all of the natural disasters occuring in the U.S., I really encourage everyone to do what they can, especially if the items are free! is easier to use, though I have found not as thorough in store deals. But offers fun ways to entertain children, giveaways, freebies, and recipes. Between the two, my deal-seeking frugalness is satisfied.

In the past, I have gotten the following items for free because of deals I heard about through these sites:

3 rolls of tape ($1.99 each retail)
6 boxes of Ronzoni pasta ($2.19 each retail)
1 box of Mom's Best Cereal ($1.49 retail)

That's a total from just those things of $20.60, although I must say I would never pay $2.19 for a box of pasta (we normally buy pasta in bulk from Sam's for less than $1 per pound). The cereal, I thought, was a good price as is, but of course, it's even better free! And we ran out of tape at Christmas 2010, so I was very happy to re-stock my supply for free.

What are your Friday finds?

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