Monday, October 12, 2009

It's beginning to look like Christmas... in my house

Hi all! If I were a responsible blog poster, I would have posted Christmas projects and ideas all year round. If I were a responsible crafter, I would have actually crafted said Christmas projects and ideas all year round.

But I didn't. Have no fear, though! It is only creeping to mid-October and there are plenty of projects you all can still do - some that take only minutes, some that take hours, and even some that are a bit more long-term!

Jason and I will be posting many, many ideas and crafts in the next two and a half months. And as a little teaser for what is to come, we present one of the easiest, eco-friendly, quickest, wallet-friendly, and just all-around best project ever.

I always save our Christmas cards. I don't really know why. I have (or should I say had) no use for them.

Thanks to an idea I read in a Rachael Ray issue last year, I now use my Christmas cards as gift tags! Simply cut the front of the card with the pretty picture of a landscape or whatever it might be, and cut as many squares, ovals, circles, crosses, whatever shape you want as you can. Punch a hole near the top. You can either write on the back of the tag (what I am planning to do since the back of the tag is white) or use different colored pens - maybe even gel pens - to write "to" and "from" and the names.

Then, just take ribbon, raffia, yarn, twine, whatever is handy and tie the card onto a bag handle. If you're not using a bag, you can still use the gift tag. Just wrap your present and use ribbon on the gift. Then, tie the tag on the ribbon and secure with the twine for the gift card with tape to the gift's ribbon.

You will literally never need to buy gift tags again. I used up all my Christmas cards from last year right after the holidays (the best time to make these gift tags in my opinion, right before you pack up your gift wrap, bows, etc.), and I ended up with about 50 or so tags. Since I do not make or buy 50 presents in one year, I now have gift tags for life as long as I keep getting Christmas cards!

The project should take you, at most, about ten minutes to do. Have your hole punch handy and once you're finished cutting the gift tags, punch all the holes near the top. Put them in a little storage container to keep them safe, and voila, a season's worth (or more!) of gift tags.