Thursday, September 10, 2009

God and the Media

There are so many books that are on the bestseller's lists that involve religion in some way. Pastor Dave once preached about this, and I agree: God cannot truly be found in a book (minus the Bible obviously!!!!).

But books are widely what led me to join a church, learn more about Christ, and devote my life to Him.

DVDs are also a great supplement to actually seeing the effect of God on others (another great way to see this is to actively participate in a church and volunteer and give back to others).

Anyway, I'm getting a bit off topic :)

So what books have I read and thoroughly enjoyed? I'm glad you asked!
The first secular books (we'll call them that for the purpose of this blog post) I read that led me to seriously think about God was the Left Behind series. I've come to understand that these books have led a lot of people to thinking about God, and if you read them, you will surely understand. I think the best way to describe my faith is that I'm God-fearing and God-loving. I think these books are a good way to explore that sort of relationship, and it also helps the not-so-knowledgeable Christian (or a new Christian) to understand the future and God's love for us.

Once you get past those books (I'm still reading the series, on book 10), I would strongly suggest any of the following:
The Purpose-Driven Life
Love and Respect
The Love Dare
The Way of the Master

I would also suggest any books by Andy Andrews and Bruce Wilkinson.

The first DVD I watched was Fireproof. It's based on the Love Dare, and it is one of the best movies I've ever seen period. Kirk Cameron stars in it, and while the acting might not be the best (particularly regarding Kirk's character's wife), the acting doesn't really matter since it's the message that matters.

I would also strongly, strongly, strongly recommend Passion of the Christ. I don't even know what to say about it except to say I'll never forget it, and I'm so glad I watched it. My love for God just exponentially grew during that movie. I was able to fully grasp what He did for us and how much He loves us. Remarkable.

Other DVDs I would strongly suggest:
Facing the Giants
The Left Behind movies

The library is going to order Faith Like Potatoes, which I heard about from "Watch and Pray" - one of the blogs I follow on here. I can't recommend it since I haven't watched it yet but I'll let you all know what I think after I do watch it :)

I thoroughly enjoy reading Christianity Today (monthly magazine) and also Christian Women Online (a monthly magazine online). The link to CWO is

Another web site I would encourage anyone to visit is Way of the Master (

A TV show that I enjoy watching that centers around living a Christ-like life is the Duggars on TLC.

Finding God through media is probably not the best and most fulfilling way to find Him, however, I think media provides an important connection to God. My relationship is much stronger with God because of the books I've read, the movies I've watched, the articles in magazines I've read. It's not all there is to having a loving and whole relationship with Christ, but I feel it's an important aspect of the relationship.