Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Cooking

One thing Jason and I truly enjoy is finding new recipes, experimenting, and trying new food. Now, with the internet, this is easier than ever, but sometimes, internet recipes can't be trusted. You don't know who's putting them out there and if they truly work - and we can tell you from experience, sometimes they don't!

Instead of paying out money for cookbooks, though, without knowing if you truly will use the recipes between the covers, visit your local library. In doing so, Jason and I have found one cookbook we could really use for all our meals:

This book, which holds 1,400 recipes, is wondrous! Appetizers, dips, breakfast entrees, desserts, soups - anything you want, it has!
We don't use our slow cooker often, mostly because we never had any recipes for it. But with this book, our slow cooker is getting more use than our oven.
Today's dinner: macaroni and cheese!
Visit your local library and get inspired by all the different cuisines and cooking techniques you will surely find. Reading is knowledge, they say, and in the case of cookbooks, reading equates to great food!

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