Sunday, June 21, 2009

Homemade Home

Jason and I just made our first-ever batch of laundry detergent last night. So amazing! We were both really skeptical about how easy it would be to grate soap. I was completely blown away. It was just like grating cheese. Each batch will last us for about ten months and costs about $3 - $4 per batch to make (including the cost of materials over a period of time).

I posted a link earlier about how to make this laundry detergent, and while that's not the exact recipe I followed, it's very similar. The one I followed can be found in the 20 and Counting!: Duggar Book by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

I've also found a recipe for making my own dish soap. Any household product recipe can be found simply by using Google. If there's anything any of you are interested in, you should Google for it, and I promise you'll find dozens of recipes!

I certainly recommend figuring out the costs involved before just delving into anything. For instance, I had an idea to make my own dryer sheets, but I found dryer sheets at Sam's Club (membership necessary to shop there) that work out to be just less than $0.02 per sheet (TWO CENTS!). For just more than $7, Jason and I will have dryer sheets for more than a year. That's an amazing deal and way more cost effective than the recipes I found online.

Jason and I hope all of you consider making something you use regularly in your home instead of buying it. In most cases, homemade items are wallet-friendly and eco-friendly! Making your own products will cut down on a lot of plastic as you'll be reusing the containers, and you won't need to place your items in a plastic bag from the store to bring them home!

Happy making!