Saturday, March 28, 2009

Curl Up and Purl

Since beginning to learn how to knit, I've had Kate Jacobs' books recommended to me. Her most popular being the Friday Night Knitting Club which was followed by Knit Two. She's also written Comfort Food.

I credit Christine (Jason's sister-in-law) and my aunt Dawn for alerting me to the existence of these books and this author.

While Comfort Food was mediocre, it was the knitting books that perhaps not surprisingly appealed to me most. And while Knit One was great, it was truly Knit Two that made me yearn for a Knit Three!

There are a lot of knitting fiction books out there and so I can imagine it must be difficult to choose which ones to read. Without a doubt, I now highly recommend reading these books. The characters, truly, are lovely, and Knit Two is really surprising and fulfilling. It was a difficult book to put down and while some people I know (cough, cough, Suzanne and Jason :)) can't go to sleep at night whenever they start reading a book at night, I typically do not have that problem. But Knit Two is definitely one of those books, and it was certainly a joy to read. It not only made me want to knit, but it made me want to cook, travel, and write a novel.

I yearn to live at Walker and Daughter and run my fingers over all of the yarns. I want to tell Dakota not to grow up too fast, and I want to see how cute James really is... hehe!

So basically... just read these books! And then tell me what you think of them :)

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