Monday, February 23, 2009

Utilizing Craig's List

Hi all! Craig's List ( is a popular web site in the AA/Ypsi area, although I've found it's not so commonly used up north. Since so many use it here down here to sell items, post events, jobs, pets, etc., it's often a great resource for any Ypsi or AA resident.

I was skeptical (and often still am :)) of using this web site with hopes of success. But I think the real joy of using the web site is that it's free so it doesn't really matter if a posting is successful or not. Ebay costs money to use, and Craig's List is virtually free.

The web site is very easy to use. Just pick your state and your area, and you'll be able to choose from a wide variety of topics, like jobs (from a variety of fields), gigs, events, rentals, and so on. I enjoy looking at items under "free," "arts and crafts," and "garage sales." But the true joy of Craig's List is being able to post items!

I have found someone to regularly pick up my magazines after I'm done reading them. This is eco-friendly in that someone else is getting a use out of them, and I also feel good that I'm kind of getting an extra bang for my buck. I don't charge my magazine girl anything - the magazines are free for her to take, but she does have to pick them up each month so that does mean she's paying for gas to drive her car to my house to get them (she lives in Ypsi, though, so it's not like she's using a lot of gas :)).

Anytime Jason and I have a "garage sale," we also post that on Craig's List and that has resulted in many sales.

But my personal greatest joy was when last week, I posted a wanted ad for Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% off coupons. I mainly wanted non-expired ones, but I'd heard BBB takes expired ones too (which is true, BTW). I had one person contact me with ten coupons for me!

Saturday, I used two of those coupons, and I've already saved $3.80 by using them. Jason picked them up from WCC's (Washtenaw Community College) library, which is close to our house so very little gas was used. I have eight coupons left, and if I should ever run out, I know just where to go to get more :)

There are some crazy people on Craig's List, as there is anywhere, and I would never meet anyone alone. Always have someone with you when you're going to pick something up or when someone's coming to your house. Obviously, only accept cash (no checks!). Craig's List is a wonderful tool, though, that saves me time, money, and effort in the long haul. It's definitely worth checking out, and you might even find an antique for a great deal or someone to take an old item of yours and is willing to pay for it!

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