Monday, February 16, 2009

Saving Moola!

Hi all! In this economy, I think everyone is trying to find a way to cut costs, but it can seem difficult, especially when you're already living rather frugally.

Since Jason and I moved into our Perrin Street apartment, we have changed the way we lived, I think. I hear of people who go to Starbucks every day or buy books at full price, and news shows say, "If you make coffee at home instead of buying at a coffee shop, you can save hundreds per year."

Jason and I don't buy beverages every day or every week! More like once a month. We never buy full-price books - rather, we borrow from the library or buy used. And when we do buy new, we buy with coupons or from, which is generally cheap.

So how to cut back when you've already done a lot? Jason and I had decided to cancel our home phone service since we rarely use it - the lack of a long-distance plan on it means it's useless except for local calls and using it to find our cell phones :) - so I called AT&T to cancel it. After telling multiple people, "I want to cancel my phone service," (which was eerily reminscent of the Friends episode where Chandler wants to quit the gym) someone talked to me finally about it. But instead of canceling my phone service, I ended up getting half of my entire bill (including Internet) which basically meant my phone service was free! Jason and I are now saving $26 a month by making that call.

Having an impeccable car insurance history also saves you money. Every six months, our insurance goes down by at least $15 (we have a two-car insurance plan with Progressive) since we have not had any accidents or tickets for several years.

We also scrutinized our cell phone bill to find ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, we're already on Verizon's lowest plan (Family Plan of 700 Minutes), but we canceled my phone's insurance and cut out texts. That saved us $15 a month.

So that's $56 we found per month by making a few changes and by driving safe! I'm sure there's lots of other tips out there so feel free to share what you personally do to save money.

The economy is tough, and there's nothing more imporant than securing your future by living smart now. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been cut, and if Jason and I were ever to suffer that kind of loss, we want to be sure our lives are covered. Making a few changes now can help ensure our future.

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