Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Weekends

Hi all! The sun is shining through our windows here in Ypsi which brightens my whole day :) I can feel spring is on the way, and I'm excited at the prospect of less snow in our parking lot!

Jason and I usually have a weekend routine. On Saturdays, we try to get up rather early for a non-work day for me and a non-open day for Jason. Usually, we'd both be up now, but Jason's still sleeping :)

We start off by lazing around and figuring out what needs to get done. Every Saturday, we go to the library to return books we read that week and to pick up books that are on hold for us. It's also a great day to go since the Friends shop is open every Sat. from 11 - 5. The Friends shop is a used book store in the library with books ranging from $1 to $4. Sometimes, we're lucky and we pick up a new release for $4 or find a book we just don't have that we want for $1. Sometimes we find nothing. But the Friends member who usually works on Saturday brings in her dog, Cole (who she needs for her balance), and we like petting him and telling him how handsome he is :)

We also usually make a trip to the bank and the bead store, which are thankfully near each other and also close to the library. They're on the other side of town (like completely out of town, that's how "on the other side" they are) so we usually save all those errands together.

Today, we're also making a trip to the post office, to Target, and to Whole Foods. Oh, and I might need to stop at Joann's, which is near Target so I should probably do those both. It's grocery shopping week - hence Whole Foods. We usually make weekly trips to Joann's to either pick up more yarn for a project I'm working on or random tidbits I need.

Sundays are a lot different. Church is at 10:45 and that's typically the first thing on the agenda. After church, we eat lunch. After lunch, we relax. Jason always works at 4, but until then, no one can leave the house, no one can run errands, we just spend family time together. We either read, knit, cross stitch, talk, stare at the baby, etc. It's very old school.

Saving all your errands for the weekends, well Saturday, might not work for everyone, but I find it keeps me steady throughout the week. It's also good, I think, to have a routine, a set day or way to do something.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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